Decorated Letters Workshop- HIRE ME or Pre-Recorded

Decorated Letters Workshop
Come join Holly Monroe for 2 days of creativity with letters....
Big Picture: Through a series of creative exercises, you will design decorated letters on tracing paper and transfer to fine art paper, handmade paper or vellum. Tools, materials & multiple pencil sketches will explored Day 1, some color experiments, final color and finished project on Day 2. Gouache or watercolor will be introduced. I will go over the use of glair with gouache and touch on many other topics that calligraphers love to learn.

This workshop is currently available as a Pre-Recorded Workshop
through the Texas Lettering Arts Council. 
The option for purchase has been extended for use through June 1, 2023
for more info or to hire Holly for your guild or organizations workshop.
(The $150 price is just a place holder. Do not pay on this site. Pay TLAC for the pre-recorded version.  I will work with interested guilds to determine pricing for in person or online workshop for their group).