Engrosser's Script Workshop, Hire Me!

Your Guild or Group can hire Holly for this excellent workshop......
Engrosser’s Script (aka Copperplate)
Instructor: Holly V. Monroe
What:  2 day workshop
9 A.M - 4:00 P.M.  (time can be adjusted)
Where:  Location to be determined.
When:   Choose your dates and check with Holly for availability.
Day 1, we will examine and practice the lower case Copperplate letters,
the proper way to line up the paper and work with the pen and basic supplies.
Day 2, I will introduce you to capitals as well as testing papers and inks/gouache for finished projects.
How to address envelops, create an envelope template for drawing board or light table. 
Based on the Zanerian Manual.
Don't have a group? 
Contact Holly for Private or Semi-Private Lessons - $75/hr.