THE BUSINESS OF CALLIGRAPHY - HIRE or Pre-Recorded Workshop thru 6/1/2023

The Business of Calligraphy

   Through June 1, 2023  a Pre-Recorded workshop

(approx 3 hours) through the Texas Lettering Arts Council website, is available.

Click this link to sign up. 


A 3-hour interactive talk…
The entrepreneurial spirit has struck! Need to know about pricing your calligraphy and maximizing your income, how to find clients and how to organize your studio for efficiency? Licensing your work with a publisher? Gain insight into an order/contract form, and managing your work, clients and your art. Learn supplies that Holly finds most helpful. In addition, we will cover working effectively in the studio, licensing your work, copyrights, taxes, etc. Anything else you would like to know? Please ask! Students may submit their 3 top questions, in advance, so that we cover them in class. This interactive talk will be guided with a digital presentation of Holly’s studio, show set up, open house, inventory, and items that she uses for business and artwork, etc.

In person, the conversation is often lively as students share their insights and experiences, in response to Holly's. Zoom - you can interrupt with questions, but it's mainly lecture.

Groups that have experienced this talk:

 Society for Calligraphers-CA (2014), Scribes of Central Florida (2016), Legacies III Int'l Conference-TX (2021), Friends of the Alphabet-GA (2022), and others