Since The Moment Of Your Creation

Since The Moment

Since the moment of your creation a plan of wonder has been in place for you.
Fearfully and wonderfully you have been made.
Before you were born, you were dreamed of, longed for, hoped for.
The gifts of your life have been chosen perfectly & precisely,
You are a child of God, a masterpiece--unique, wondrous, blessed.
No other one has been created quite like you; no other can take your place in heaven or on earth.
You are precious, a priceless work of art.
You Are Loved.
Author - Ellen Cuomo


PRINT: available in various sizes
FRAMED: 11"x14" white wood frame, acid free mat $75
(To order: choose "Framed" and 8.5"x11")
CUSTOM FRAMED: 8.5"x11"print  available in a white wood frame, acid free mat $185
(To order: choose "Custom Frame" and 8.5"x11" or email Holly for more options)
PRINT ON CANVAS: Email Holly your size preference and we'll send you a custom price.
Calligrapher: Holly V. Monroe