Pocket Notes & Pen Set-Jesus Revealed

Jesus Revealed Pocket Note Pad and Pen Set featuring Holly Monroe Calligraphy

Pocket Note Pad & Pen Set

Featuring Holly Monroe's JESUS REVEALED Design
Genesis through Revelation Christ's character is described as "who he is"
in each book of the Bible
The Promised One - Genesis The Passover Lamb - Exodus Our Atoning Sacrifice -
Leviticus The Star of Jacob - Numbers The Coming Prophet -
Deuteronomy The Commander of the Lord's Army - Joshua The Ultimate Judge and Deliverer
- Judges Our Kinsman-Redeemer - Ruth and so on through The Victorious Lamb of God,
King of Kings and Lord of Lords - Revelation


60 Page Pad & Pen Set
Made by Divinity Boutique
Calligrapher: Holly V. Monroe