Jesus Revealed Ltd Ed


Genesis through Revelation Christ's character is described 
as "who he is" in each book of the Bible 
The Promised One - Genesis The Passover Lamb - 
Exodus Our Atoning Sacrifice - Leviticus The Star of Jacob -
Numbers The Coming Prophet - Deuteronomy
The Commander of the Lord's Army - Joshua -
The Ultimate Judge and Deliverer - Judges Our Kinsman-Redeemer -
Ruth and so on through The Victorious Lamb of God,
King of Kings and Lord of Lords - Revelation
Jesus Revealed is who Jesus is in each Book of the Bible
from Genesis through Revelation
Size 18x24" print framed
Calligrapher: Holly V. Monroe
A framed limited edition (1200 total), signed by Holly Monroe, includes double acid free mat, glass, frame and closed back with artist bio.  
FRAME SUBJECT TO CHANGE, depending on availability. Your input is welcome.


Packaging, Insurance and Freight is approximately $125-150 depending on your location. Holly will bill electronically for the additional amount once determined. Shipping box is currently $75, (I ship this in an Airfloat Box), freight and insurance will run $55-75.