Italic Caps-Swash, Split & Ornamented Workshop-Hire me!

ITALIC CAPS- Swash, Split & Ornamented

Instructor: Holly Monroe

Broad-Edged Pen

After taking a basic Italic workshop, you are ready to master Swash, Split and Ornamented Italic Capitals. These exquisite letters will enhance your Italic and take you to the next level. In Session 1, learn how to gracefully extend, swash and/or flourish the appropriate strokes. Session 2, learn how to best double stroke your capitals, adding greater presence to each letter. Other helpful tips to embellish your letters, such as adding ‘ornaments’ that delight the eye will be shared throughout the workshop. Handouts and digital presentation, included. (2) 3-hr sessions or 1 day. 


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Guilds who have hired me for this workshop:
Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh 2/2022