Cennini Gold Workshop - Hire Me!

Cennini Gold Leaf Method
For the serious calligrapher or art student. Learn how to properly create Cennini’s gesso as the base for your gold leaf projects. This works extremely well on fine art papers and vellum (aka calfskin. Holly will show you how to make it, but bring pre-made gesso, so that there is time to test it out on the surface of your choice. Create a design, lay down the gesso and then learn how to apply 23.75K gold leaf. (The base can be made with the original and most effective White Lead or the non-poinsonous Titanium Dioxide powder).  Work with loose or patent gold leaf, a gilding cushion, gilding knife, bamboo tube, agate burnisher and other supplies and materials useful in this process. Handouts and inspirational digital presentation included. 
2 day+ workshop

Supply List: Provided upon sign up.
Your Guild or Group is invited to hire Holly to teach this method of gilding in person on online. Call 513-207-2737 or email Holly, for availability and other details.   Pricing may vary - pricing seen above is just a place holder