Family Trees - Lettering Your Lineage WORKSHOP - Hire Me!


Hire Holly to teach this workshop in Person or online Zoom to your Guild/Group.
Private lessons and consultation also available.
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With your family genealogy, we will explore and analyze a number of  traditional and non-traditional family tree lay-outs (ascendent/descendant, straight line, circular, tree, shield, book, wreath, etc.) paper options, unique tools and lettering tips. Then, each student will compose a family chart, progressing from the rough drafts and decoration to the finished lettering and art. Holly will share tips from her years of experience creating family trees/charts. A packet of handouts will aid the student with ideas and information for further work at home.  Two days (weekend workshop) will take you through the design phase, additional days take you through the color work! Some of Holly's family trees have taken 1 month to all depends how many generations and how many people are included. This can be a lengthy process, but I can get you off the ground and running!

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