Dog Man's Best Friend

Life Lessons From Man's Best Friend

Love Wags the Tail,
Be Tuff! Life Can Be Wuff,
Chasing Your Tail Will Get You Nowhere,
Every Good Dog Deserves a Bone,
Don't Bark Up the Wrong Tree,
Wipe Your Paws, Dig Deep,
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie,
To Err is Human to Forgive is Canine
Always Stay Pawsitive,
Love Your Dog
FRAMED: 12"x12"  Dark Wood Frame with acid free mat $75
To order: choose "Framed" and 12"x12"
CUSTOM FRAMED: 11"x17"print  available in a 19"x21" dark wood frame, acid free mat $165
To order: choose "Custom Frame" and 11"x17"
To frame one of our other print sizes:  email Holly for pricing
PRINT: available in 4 sizes
Fine Art Paper & Ink
Acid Free Sleeve/Backing, Artist Bio
Calligrapher:  Holly V. Monroe