Decorated Letters Workshop

Dates to Be Announced

Decorated Letters Workshop
Come join Holly Monroe for a workshop full of creativity with letters....
Holly occasionally offers small workshops (6-8)
in her studio (Sat/Sun for $160)
and is also available, upon request,
to Calligraphy Guilds and Art organizations for groups of 15-25 students.
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Private Lessons $65/hr
Semi-Private Lessons $40/hr per person
To arrange lessons, email or call Holly at  513-207-2737

Decorated Letters

Big Picture: Through a series of creative exercises, you will design decorated letters on tracing paper and transfer to fine art paper, handmade paper or vellum. Tools, materials & multiple pencil sketches will explored Saturday, some color experiments, final color and finished project on Sunday. Gouache and watercolor will be introduced. I will go over the use of glair with gouache and touch on several gold techniques.
Receive a beautiful folder full of handouts. 
Lunch both days, beverages, snacks and a studio experience!
TOOLS & MATERIALS for Decorated Letters
Drawing & Painting Supplies
Brushes (WN Series 7 or Miniature 7, sizes  1, 0, 00)  or equivalent. Kolinsky hair
Broad-edged Pen Holder & Nibs, Mitchell or other (NIBS: 6, 5, 4, 3, 3.5, 2.5)
            (or other small pen nibs you have on hand)
Gouache – (opaque) at least 3 colors in tubes, plus WN Zinc White and
            Gold metallic gouache – Schminke (Gold Pearl) or Fine Tech (one pan or 5) 
Watercolor – (transparent) you may bring this instead of gouache
Pastelsa box or 2 or 3 work well together. You may borrow mine.
Mixing pans – 6-pan tray or favorite mixing pans for gouache/watercolor.
I prefer the porcelain “flower” with 7 spaces to mix
Gum Arabicpowdered or liquid
Ruling pen (traditional type) to use with 6” ruler (or larger) with a raised edge
Ruler – whatever you have (rolling rulers are good, too)
Paper -Fine art paper of your choosing. Arches HP 90 or 140 lb or LanAquarelle            
is a good basic. Bring small handmade papers or buy from me.
Vellum – (optional) Small off-cuts for sale $5-10. Bring what you have.
            (I’m talking genuine calfskin. Sheep, deer or other skin is okay, too)
Tracing paper for sketching – Clearprint Design Vellum (my fav)
Saral paper (transfer paper-graphite color) Ball point pen needed to transfer
Drawing pencil (HB lead)
Sharp Scissors – to cut down paper
Pencil sharpener (or use mine)
Eraser – Mars Staedtler (my fav)
Water container – to rinse brushes AND a Water DROPPER BOTTLE
Paint rag or paper towels
BRING: 3 small decorative objects for an idea starter ….a favorite piece of jewelry, a sea shell, small frame with a border, fabric with pattern you like, etc.
BRING: Capital letter outlines that you would like to work with…find online or in a lettering book. I will provide some examples for you, as well. 
CONSIDER: How will you use these letters? With a quote? Frame? Book? this will help you have purpose to your work
You may order supplies from:
(Find my name and go to the Decorated Letters class link. They list a variety of supplies related to this class in one place for your ease in ordering. Check out the rest of their site for additional supplies). 
Paper & Ink Arts
800-736-7772, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm CST
 John Neal Bookseller
 Your local art store may have some things, but they often don’t carry everything.
 Questions about the supply list?
Holly Monroe
Can’t wait to share my calligraphic world with you! Come ready to have fun!