Christmas Tree-Names of Jesus

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King of Kings,
Gift of God,
Alpha and Omega,
Lamb of God,
Son of Righteousness,
Governor, Deliverer,
Glory of Israel, Bread of Life,
Anointed of God, Beloved of God
Light of Men, Lord, Man of Sorrows, 
Son of God, Word, Teacher of God,
Son of Man, Eternal Life, Word of Life,
Root of Jesse, Servant, Witness, Holy One
Mediator, Advocate, Passover, Shepherd, Master
Image of God,  Profit,  Truth,  Way,  Redeemer
Lawgiver, Nazarene, Messiah, Ruler, Son of David
Lord of Hosts, Messenger of the Covenant, Truth, Judge
Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
Friend of Sinners, Finisher of Faith
O Come      Emmanuel      O Come
Inside Wording: Jesus is the Reason for the Season
May you be blessed by Him this Christmas


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Calligrapher:  Clifford D. Mansley, Sr.