Cat - Purrfect Advice

Size: 5x7, Color: Brown, Style: Framed

Purrfect Advice For a Cat Lover's Life 

Lap up life's little moments 
You can have your catnip and eat it too 
Stay in touch with your feelines 
When the cat's away make like a mouse and play 
Litter-ally land on your feet 
Be the cat's meow 
Curiosity cultured the cat 
Nobody's purr-fect 
Love your friends fur ever 
Live your nine lives to the fullest 
Claw your way to the top 
Watch your whiskers 
Take a catnap 
Don't be a scaredy cat 
Have a good cat-itude 
Pounce on the right opportunity 

Fine Art Paper and Ink Acid Free Sleeve/Backing, Artist Bio

Calligraphy by Holly V. Monroe