Calligraphy as a Spiritual Discipline- Jan 20-21, 2023

Zoom Online Workshop
All are Welcome
JANUARY 20-21 2023
Hosted by Friends of the Alphabet, Atlanta, GA
$75. (What a deal!)


with Instructor Holly Monroe

Description: Joining God and Self, Word and Image with expressive calligraphy gives you the ability to deepen your personal spiritual growth as well as touch the lives of others….bringing encouragement and hope. Learn to practice your passion for calligraphy to create unique, life giving designs. We will meditate on and think through your selection of thought provoking words, choosing the phrases that speak to you and learn to arrange them in a variety of impactful layouts. Interpret the spirit of the text with imagery, decoration, flourishes and multiple lettering styles changing the weight, height and mood of the letters, first in pencil layouts and as time permits, finalize with watercolor, colored pencil, simple collage or with other tools and materials that you have with you. Whatever your faith or spiritual bent, you are welcome in this class as we “feed the soul by making meaningful words beautiful.” 

Explore why we create, why beauty matters in our world as well as a way to read heartfelt text and focus in on words to accentuate in your calligraphy. 

Day 1 - Inner You - 2 projects

Day 2 - Your Message to the World - 2 projects

20 Handouts and Digital Presentation