TBA - Gold Methods Workshop

Email Holly with your interest and we can set a date!
When:           Saturday/Sunday 
                        9 A.M - 4:00 P.M.
 Where:           Holly Monroe's studio
 Cost:   $160.00 includes instruction, 2x lunch/snacks, folder of handouts
            Materials Fee: Book of 23k Gold approx. $35, $10 for shared materials in studio
                        I will buy gold in bulk to lower price. Patent or Loose, if you have it.
            Payable to: "Heirloom Artists.” Send a $50 check to hold your place.
Balance due on day of class or before. Max class size 6-8.

Class Description:

The gold class will give students the opportunity to try a variety of different techniques for gold or other metals. I’ll share how I have used them in my work and how you might apply them in yours. Listed below. After creating a chart of the different methods (a “take home” to refer to later) you will create a design incorporating one or more of the methods available.


Types of gold methods shared in the class:

            IMITATION GOLD Methods

  1. Gold (and other metallic) gouache varieties
  2. Gold powders
  3. Foils – Variegated leaf (imitation)

            GENUINE GOLD Methods

           24k gold powder and burnishing

CONTEMPORARY BASES FOR 23K GOLD LEAF and other metal leafs
          Acrylic Gloss Medium


          Illuminators Bole

          Gold Size

          Liquid gesso

                                   with Patent or Loose Leaf
                        (Typically, I make Ceninni’s gesso and lay it on calfskin or fine art paper.
                        I can show you how this is done on day #2, but in order to teach how it is made and to work with it,                             it is a separate weekend workshop. Let me know of your interest.)


Supplies: The basics….
            23k gold – I buy a “box”, so that you can buy a “book” at cost (approx. $35?)
Papers – Favorite papers that you have on hand or one or more of the following:
            –Arches Text Wove, Lanaquarelle, Arches HP 140 lb,
Bases for the Gold – I will provide for the weekend. If you have any, bring them.
Inks or colored watercolor/gouache or other paints that you have on hand
Brushes – A. Synthetic brushes, flat or pointed…for applying bases to paper       
                        Hobby Lobby has inexpensive brushes and brush sets
                        Kolinsky brush(es), Miniature or regular Series 7 for painting delicate detail with gold paints. 

Plastic Card - An old credit card or plastic defunct card that approximate size.
Glassine paper – I have small off cuts –you can buy later
Drawing pencil (HB lead or other)
Ruler – any
Eraser (Mars Staedtler)
Water container to rinse pens & paint rag (or paper towels)
Smooth silk scarf or silk cloth
Agate burnisher – If you are serious about gilding, then an agate burnisher is
            indispensable. You may borrow one of my burnishers, if you don’t have    one. I find that a dogtooth agate is a great shape for a first burnisher. I also have a lipstick and a pointed tipped agate burnisher.
Art supplies in your toolbox that you like to bring to workshops.
A short quote - to letter and incorporate gold in the design. You are welcome to
            Preplan a small design before you come to class. I would recommend that
            The gold area be no bigger than 2”x2”…although some of the techniques
            I will teach will cover larger areas. Call me if you have questions. I have designs that you can trace, if you can’t think of anything.
See picture of supplies. (Will send soon).
Order from calligraphy suppliers below.
                        Local suppliers rarely have correct tools.
            Paper & Ink Arts www.paperinkarts.com 800-736-7772
            John Neal Books www.johnnealbooks.com 800-369-9598
**Go to the websites and find my name and class and they have grouped my supplies. Sometimes they offer variations of what is on my list.
View & discuss other tools and materials in my studio.
Calligraphy prints for sale.
I will be glad to address any questions that you have, either in class or submitted in advance. If you are missing any supplies, I will share what I have, don’t panic.
I'm looking forward to enjoying a ‘fun’ day of gold methods with you!

Holly Monroe