Scout Leaders' Wives

Scout Leaders Wives Clifford D Mansley Sr Calligraphy Print

Scout Leader's Wives

Hers is the sacrificial life Who is the Boy Scout leader's wife,
for all alone at home she stays While he is tramping woodland ways
While she sits waiting for her squire He teaches boys the art of fire:
And while the hours go dragging by He teaches boys how knots to tie,
And while for him she burns a lamp He spends a week or more in camp.
The Boy Scout leader's wife must be as wise in many arts as he;
Must learn to stretch a meal for four~At times for eight or nine or more~
When friends of his drop into town; And never scold and never frown
At midnight when he brings them back And asks for coffee and a snack;
And never sigh, when on the phone He tells her she must dine alone.
The Boy Scout leader's wife must be As fond of boyhood as is he,
And see the far off future when Our country will have need of men,
Good men, intelligent and true, And able men, her tasks to do,
And honest men, and clean and strong, And men too big to stoop to wrong,
Or never she'd consent to be the wife of such an absentee.


12 x 16"
Archival Paper & Ink
Acid Free Backing and Sleeve, Artist Bio
Calligrapher:  Clifford D. Mansley, Sr.