Jesus, The Christ Emmanuel, God with Us,
Son of Mary, Son of God, The Messiah, Man of Sorrows,
Dayspring from on High, The Light of the World, Embracer of Children,
Compassionate, Healer, Footwasher, Companion of Sinners, Friend,
Liberator, Reconciler, Giver of Life, Prince of Peace, The Good Shepherd,
Bread of Life, Good Teacher, The Door, The Way, the Truth, and the Life,
Alpha and Omega, First and Last, The Resurrection, and the Life, Lamb of God,
The Triumphant, Risen Savior, Lord of Lords


PRINT: available in 5 sizes
Fine Art Paper & Ink
Acid Free Backing and Sleeve, Artist Bio
Also available as a card, click here

Calligrapher: Holly V. Monroe