The Older I Get

The Older I Get

The Older I Get The Older I Get the more I notice outrageous beauty the softer a baby's skin feels the less panicky I am during sleepless nights... The less easy answers I have... The hungrier I am for connectedness... The less I know, the more I wonder... the longer I linger in snowfalls... the kinder I am with weakness... The more honest I am with myself... the more I understand children's logic... the less rigid I am... the mightier the ocean seems each time I visit... the less I wonder how old I'll be someday... The more hugs I give... the gentler I am with myself... the less I think of what I think... the faster I clean my house... the wiser I long to be... the more I realize how impatient I've always been with life... the more opportunities I see in each day...


PRINT: Size 12"x24"
Discount on multiple prints
There are two images of the print only. The reproduction is closer to the darker red title. The other image is the scan of my original with better definition, so you can read it.  

FRAMED: 12"x24" print in a Yellow Wood Frame with acid free mats. Alternative frame options available. Inquire. Due to the size of this frame, an additional shipping charge may be necessary. We will contact you. 

Fine Art Paper & Ink
Acid Free Mats or Backing and Sleeve, Artist Bio
Conservation Clear Glass on Framed version
Calligrapher: Holly V. Monroe