The Healer

The Healer
So stood of old the holy Christ
Amidst the suffering throng;
With whom His highest touch sufficed 
To make the weakest strong.
That healing gift He lends to them 
Who use it in His name;
The power that filled His garment' hem
Is evermore the same.
For lo! in human hearts unseen
The Healer dwellers still,
And they who make His temples clean
The best subserve His will.
The holiest task by Heaven decreed,
An errand all divine,
The burden of our common need
To render less is thine.
The paths of pain are thine.  Go forth
with patience, trust, and hope;
The sufferings of a sin-sick earth
Shall give thee ample scope.
Beside the unveiled mysteries
Of life and death go stand,
With guarded lips and reverent eyes
And pure of heart and hand,
So shalt thou be with power endued
From Him who went about
The Syrian hillsides doing good,
And casting demons out.
That Good Physician liveth yet
They friend and guide to be;
The Healer by Gennesaret
Shall walk the rounds with thee.
by John Greenleaf Whittier
Print: 17 3/4 x 6 1/2
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Calligrapher :   Holly Monroe