Ten Commandments For Friends

Style: Framed, Size: 8x10, Color: Blue
Ten Commandments For Friends


Thou shalt feel free to talk about anything & everything. 
Thou shalt share laughter, tears... and chocolate.
Thou shalt lend an ear, a hand, advice or clothes. 
Thou shalt accept her as she is and help her become all she can be. 
Thou shalt not take thy friendship for granted. 
Though shalt observe a regular "Girls Night Out". 
Thou shalt not forget to honor they friends birthday. 
Thou shalt be there if your friend needs you - even at 3 am. 
Thou shalt thank God and pray for her every day. 
Thou shalt be friends longer than forever. 

Prints available in 8x10 only

Calligraphy by Holly Monroe