Physical Therapist Prayer

Physical Therapist Prayer
Touch my hands, Lord,
that they may heal where there is pain
and soothe where there is suffering.
Touch my eyes, Lord,
that they will remember to see more than a paralyzed leg or
a spastic hand, but rather a whole person, a creature made in your image.
Touch my ears, Lord,
that they may hear the anguish in a mumbled word or a stifled cry,
yet also hear the triumph in a smile.
Touch my mind, Lord,
that I will continue to strive for excellence in what I do
and never be satisfied with the limits of my knowledge.
Touch my mouth, Lord,
that the words I speak will not be empty and hollow
but words that convey true caring, concern and respect.
Touch my heart, Lord,
that I would always remember that it is your will
that I am serving and the love I am sharing is a gift from you.
Author Unknown


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Calligrapher: Holly V. Monroe