Lettering on Calfskin aka Vellum HIRE ME or PRE-RECORDED Workshop

Texas Lettering Arts is currently hosting a pre-recorded 3-hr version of Holly's workshop at the link below. Once you sign up, you will receive a supply list and handouts. This link, for sign-up and payment is available for purchase until June 1, 2023. (Do not pay on Holly's site). 


Calfskin aka vellum is one of the most delightful surfaces for a calligrapher to letter on. It is commonly called parchment, a skin prepared for writing. Many medieval manuscripts survive today because of the durability of these skins. Calf, sheep, deer, goat (and others) are used for the making of broadsides and books. In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare, letter on, mount and frame CALFSKIN. Enjoy a hands-on experience that will prepare you for making your own long-lasting and unique calligraphic masterpieces. Handouts and digital presentation, included. 3-hr.