Pointed Pen Pizazz - Hire me!

Stylizing and Flourishing your Pointed Pen work
(4) 3 - hour sessions or 2 days
Instructor: Holly V. Monroe


Years ago, I was asked to design for the greeting card market. My pointed pen script was based on the elegant and graceful Zanerian exemplars, but the art directors wanted something with a bit more pizazz…some flare, something that grabbed the attention of the discriminating shopper/client. 

Do you want to take your traditional pointed pen lettering to a new level of creativity? In my first two sessions, step outside of the ordinary and play your way through a variety of exercises that will help you to stylize your pointed pen letters and words. Think clever and unique! 

In session 3 and 4, learn to flourish with the intention of enhancing pointed pen words, giving your name tags, titles, greeting cards or beautiful broadsides more ‘presence’. We will start with a pre-planned flourishing exercise and graduate to free-form flourishing adding ‘ornaments’ to our flourishes and words. After laying the groundwork with your pointed pen, smooth paper and ink, we will experiment with alternative papers and tools….watercolor paper, black paper, traditional ruling pen and pointed brush - combining our words with our flourishes. 

It’s my hope that this workshop will inspire you to think outside of the box, helping you to create contemporary pointed pen words, phrases and flourishes, that attract people to your work. Handouts and Digital Presentation (images for inspiration) included. 

•••Contact Holly Monroe if you would like your group to host one of her workshops. 


• Portland Society of Calligraphy 2016 (earlier version)
• The Gentle Penman 2022 (updated and expanded version)