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with instructor Holly Monroe

Decorative Gold Methods for Calligraphers and Artists. 
(The size or base that you will be laying the gold on, 
will be pre-made. We will not make it in the workshop.)
Join Holly Monroe as she leads you through a variety of simple
gold and gold leaf methods to enhance your calligraphy projects,
whether traditional or contemporary. Each one works a little
differently - it is good to know a variety of methods,
for the various surfaces you may want to apply gold to.

First, we will lay trial gold bases onto Arches Hot Press paper.
Second, create a simple decorated letter via an exercise Holly will lead you
through. Two handouts, of Versals and Lombardic Capitals, will help you design.
Next, we will transfer the design to your paper. (Holly will offer a pre-designed,
decorated letter for tracing onto the paper). Then we will lay the gold onto this
design or yours. Time permitting we will add watercolor or gouache to finish your design.

•••Contact Holly Monroe, if you would like your group to host this workshop. 

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Price will vary, the dollar amount noted is just a place holder on this site.